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Populating Test Results Dashboard


Using Visual Studio load testing I have a loadtest plugin that registers a test run when starting and finishes the test run when ending. I have a webtest plugin that populates the header with test details, i.e. NA, TE, TR, etc. for each request in the test. I see the data in the Load Test Overview dashboard, but nothing in the Test Results dashboard. Am I missing something or not understanding how or what that dashboard is used for?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Check out this page:

I haven't personally used test automation much but I bet you need to place and activate the Java Tests sensors in order to populate much of it.


My assumption is that the sensor you mentioned is strictly for one of the unit test frameworks referenced in the sensor hint. I am executing a Visual Studio load test which is nothing but web requests, hence my mention of populating the headers.


I don't think the Test results Dashlet was designed for load tests. It seems to work with what they call webapi tests where it's a single HTTP request per test per test run. If multiple requests are issued for the same test, they would each count as a separate run. The collected measures are for an individual run. How would it handle a load test? Take the average of each measure?

After digging around, it sounds like the Tagged Web Requests dashlet might help. Though it doesn't have any of the measure baseline data.