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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Possible to create a measure based on agent name that can be used for splitting purposes in a BT ?


Has anyone already created a measure based on agent name in order to used in a BT ?

We are using a FAT client application and are using the below env setting to link users to a started FAT clinet session, so far so good

(each time the application is started we have a seperate agent with the user details added to the agentname)

Now i want to create a BT to use in a dashboards with all pp's linked to each started session, however it seems not to be possible to create an agent based measure (using regex for example) that i can use for evaluation ...

Anyone any idea how i can achieve this ?


Hi Jody,

There is a built in splitting measure for 'Agent'. This measure cannot be edited (e.g. using RegEx) but I think it will meet your needs.

Use this splitting carefully, depending on the number users you have you may run into a Measure Explosion (Preventing Excessive Split Results).


Hello Mark,

i know this measure but as you already stated it is not posible to modify it with custom settings to get used in a BT (already tried), so it seems that it's just not possible ?

Hi Jody,

This measure was made to be used as a Business Transaction Splitting value, if you would like to use it as a Filter than no this is not possible.