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Possible to export a dashboard to import to another AppMon instance?


I would like to somehow copy an APM dashboard (not web) from one AppMon install to another in a different country. They have extremely similar configuration otherwise. Is this possible? I have seen answers to exporting and importing wed dashboards but this is not a web dashboard. I'd also like to know (if this possible) whether it would work from a 6.3 install to a 6.1 install?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Have you tried using the dashboard XMLs to accomplish this?

You can save the dashboards on your personal computer as an XML file and send that over. The user on the other end can open the same XML and it should look the same.

Hope that helps,


Ari is correct, just save your dashboard locally (only saves the dashboard layout/filters, no data) and it can be opened with any Dynatrace client connected to any Dynatrace Server.

Additionally if you can connect multiple Dynatrace Servers to a single client (full client required) you can save the dashboard directly to the new server.


Is there a way to save all the dashboards locally in one go, or do you have to save each dashboard one at a time?

Not really sure how you can save them all at one go cuz the different dashboards will have different XMLs. So you will have to save each dashboard one at a time.

They are all saved on the Dynatrace server so they can be copied from there. You can also download them all at the same time using the thick client and making a supportarchive.

Open System Information dashlet, expand your server, expand support information, then expand and make sure all "dashboards" are checked.


Hey Paul,

If you don't want to fiddle with the XML and you can connect to both servers from one client (thick client):

  1. Open the dashboard you'd like to copy
  2. Change the data source to a System Profile on the server you'd like to copy to
  3. Save the dashboard to the second server


This worked for me. I just had to change the permissions so I could save a dashboard on the new environment. Thanks Paul.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

You can create a support archive to get the xml files and then if you have access to the target server, unzip them onto the target server (the server will pick them up after a restart). If you cannot unzip them on the server, you could create a fast pack of them to deploy easily from one server to another, but it is probably less effort to just open them all and then save them one at a time to the target server.


I wanted to open a 7.0 dashboard into my 6.5 client on a different server - so I had just saved the dashboard locally and then tried opening it on the new client. However, it refused to work. What resolved the issue was by editing the xml file and modifying the dashboard version to the version i was moving to.