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Possible to use dynatrace built-in metrics


I have added to my dashboard following dashlet - Functional health:

1.) Is it possible to use its metrics? If yes, how they can be accessed/used?

2.) Can be template somehow modified? - that would be great! - we would need to remove 2nd graph and replace it with a table.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Vaclav,

I tried looking for the measures that appear in the dashlet, but I could not seem to find them.

If no one else responds to your request, I would recommend posting a RFE, requesting that these measures be added for custom use.

If you're interested in the layout that is used, I have included some screenshots of my attempt to recreate this dashlet. It's not too difficult and I included the names of each type of dashlet that can be used to recreate the layout.



*I actually ended up using four text & measurement dashlets in order to display the different fonts between the charts.

Hello Trevor! Thank you very much for this information 🙂 can you share with me metrics u used? I found PurePath node count, but where did you find transaction failed count? Also, the graphs look a bit different. Would be good to have those metrics available!

Hi Vaclav,
So I wouldn't use all of the metrics I used; I don't believe that they'll give you what you're looking for. As I mentioned, I was unable to find the exact metrics used by Functional Health, so some of the metrics I used were just included to make the data look similar.
As for the Failed Transaction count metric, I've included a screenshot below of where it is in the Measure Picker.

The graphs do look a bit different, I am aware of this. As I said, this was an attempt to recreate the dashlet with what is available. The colors can be changed and the size of almost anything can be changed as well. The only thing I don't think can be replicated is the squares in the line graph of the dual axis chart.

Thanks! You mentioned this:

I would recommend posting a RFE. How can I do that? 🙂

Should be this URL:
In the top right corner, there should be a button that says CREATE

Click that and there should be a dropdown that says Post an idea.