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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Preventing certain Dynatrace 5.5 agents from getting updated to 6.x?


We've begun the process of upgrading to 6.x, but already have several critical applications in production.  Until those environments have been tested, we don't want to update those agents.

My understanding is that the agents will auto-download the updated codebase (ie: the dynatrace 6.x server will push the update to the agents).

If that's correct, is there a way to prevent certain agents from accepting the auto-update?  We don't want the agents to begin downloading/updating on their own, if we can do it manually after testing.




I think you can control the agent update for a FixPack, but not for whole system migration.

There are RFEs requesting this feature, please vote and comment with your use case and benefits.

Control agent upgrade by enabling or disabling bootstrap agent?

Synced bootstrapped Agent migration



This is how I understand it:

From 6.x onwards you can control which agents should be updated and which not.  But for 5.x it is not possible.

To enable this you need to basically reinstall the agent as the Bootstrap part must be updated.  So even if you auto-update from 5.x to 6.x it won't update the Bootstrap part of it.

It seems that you can better manage the upgrade path of production servers in 6.x