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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Problem with .NET Agent on Multiple App Pools pointing to one physical file directory?


The IIS server has two sites, with separate app pools. However both app pools point to the same application code in the same directory on the server. The app pool for the "Default Web Site" runs as the default "Application Pool Identity" the other app pool for a different named web site runs as the "Network Service" account. We have confirmed that the permissions on the dynaTrace "log" folder and "\agent\config" folder including RW and Modify for the pool identities. The .NET agent for the "Default Web Site" app pool connects to the dynaTrace server just fine. The other agent gives no indication that it tries to start (no bootstrap log or agent log. Nothing in the Windows event logs. There are two w3wp.exe processes running, corresponding to the app pools.

The agent configs have different command lines:

cmdline = -ap "\Default Web Site\"

cmdline = -ap "\the other site\" (Not the real name)

Is there a problem with the .NET agent if the app pools use the same application code and location?




There should be no problem running multiple worker processes using different user ids.

Have you verified -- using the Task Manager -- that the users running the w3wp processes are the users you expect?

Second, the Dynatrace agent needs access to more than just log and config. For example, it needs write access to the agent\downloads directory. I recommend that you give the w3wp users full access to the entire Dynatrace installation directory.

The easiest way to check to see if you have a file permissions problem is to temporarily set the permissions on the Dynatrace installation directory so that 'Everyone' has 'Full Control'. It's possible that when you try to do this, you'll get an error message from the downloads directory. If so, delete the directory completely and create a new (empty) one before trying again.

-- Graeme

Thanks Graeme. We have had problems with setting permissions at the parent folder level. By that I mean the "dynaTrace" folder in this path:

E:\Program Files (x86)\dynaTrace\Dynatrace Agent 6.3\log\. Some folders like ..\agent\conf, to not get the permissions inheritance. I have been setting those manually, but I have not looked at the agent\downloads directory, which I believe is one that doesn't inherit the permissions. I will try your technique of recreating the folder.

I appreciate the help.