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Problem with PurePath containing multiple nodes of same method

We have experience that there are some limitations when
it comes to creating BT based on purepath which contains same method multiple
, but the functionality of method differ based on its argument values.

Below is the explanation:

We have some method say, getProcessSocket(String ip_address,
other_params) whose argument may contain multiple IP addresses indicating multiple interface services in application. So we naturally wanted to created
BT to show health of these interfaces by Method Response times. Below are uses

1. Which Interface is facing High Response time

2. What
is the return response code in the interface which is affected by high response
time or timeouts

Soon we found out that there is no way to tell the
to consider only a particular method out of such purepath.

This also causes mingling of the response time or return code
for one interface to other in splitting. This leads to false alert for interface which is
not facing issue at all.

Since the method is invoked multiple times and both
interfaces A and B are invoked in same purepath, but interface A has timeout in
return value (or a high response time) and interface B is success, we are still
getting failure (or a high response time) in interface B also even though it is
a success and method has taken less response time.

Is there a resolution to this kind of problem in
Dynatrace, because this is very common for any application to behave
differently for the different argument value. (AFAIK, there is only a way to control this is use check box - Only Analyze First occurrence per PurePath, which is not good to simulate all scenarios)


Feel free to query if something is not clear.


Hi Rajesh,

please check if this discussion helps you solving your issue:

Your issue might be similar to this one.

Best regards