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Problem with inconsistent behaviour with Charts and Thresholds


Hi Chaps,

We have been experiencing issues / inconsistent behaviour with thresholds on charts
These issues have been observed using metrics under the "Server Side Performance - Agent Based Measures - Websphere" measures, using line charts for measures
such as JVM Heap Size and Thread Pools Active Count.

The scenario seen is...

1. Create Dashboard
2. Add Chart

3. Add Series

4. Pick Measure (All Agents)
Dashboard is created with working chart....

5. Edit Measure

6. Set Thresholds

The measures stop being reported to the chart. (This fails even before you configure the series to show the thresholds).

Removal of the threshold does NOT restore the metrics to the chart.

Usually, amending the Measure (Details tab) from All agent groups (calculate for all agents groups) to "selected agent groups" will
restore the measures, but NOT always.
It seems that if you edit the measure and add the threshold prior to creating the chart then when you create the chart, it works, but this isn't consistent either.

The only surefire way of getting the measures back seems to be restarting the Appmon server itself (but then as soon as you touch anything, it breaks again).

Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions?

We are at 6.5.7 (please don't say "upgrade" unless you've experienced this yourself and found that 'say' 6.5.8 really does fix it 🙂 )




Hello Tim, You should rather edit thresholds and other settings for any Measure by browsing the Measure from the System Profile instead of editing from charts. That should help. Let us know.

Also, can you post some snapshots of what is current and expected results?

Regards, Rajesh


Hi Rajesh.

In attempt to not make the first post war & peace, I may have skipped a few pertinent details.

But yes, I set the thresholds via browsing to the measure from the system profile, rather than drilling down from the chart itself.

Have you seen behaviour like this then?