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PurePath Association with User Action when Redirection occurs


Hi team,

We are seeing an interesting occurrence with PurePaths, User Actions and URL redirection.
What happens in the front end is, the browser sends a POST /InitiateOrder request then is redirected to an appropriate /Appointment/<Id> page.
We have found the PurePaths for this, as this redirection does generate separate PurePaths, which seems normal for a redirection. The issue is that the redirection PurePath does not seem to be associating with the User Action that initiated it.
As you can see Here the although the User Action (Click on "capture order) was what generated the redirect on the /InitiateOrder PurePath, it has been listed as a web request and not part of that User Action.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Kyle

We should be able to associate all the PurePaths to the User Action - assuming that we still can make that association -> that means: that we still see the Cookies and Tags on these requests.

In your case I would suggest to open a support ticket so that our team can look into WHY we loose that connection