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PurePath Start Time / Server Time fixed to UTC/MST/EDT/PDT etc. - Where is the setting?


My client wants all PurePaths to have the same time zone used when determining their start time, instead of it being localized by their laptop/desktop's timezone. I think there is a server setting here that could make this happen but not sure what the setting is. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd apprecaiate it.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

All timings are stored in UTC and we display the data depending on the local timezone of the client. Therefore I think it shouldnt really matter in which timezone the server stands. The timezone of any of our components depends on what the JVM tells us the timezone is. If you want to change that you can do it by setting a different Timezone to the JVM which is done through JVM startup parameters. You can specify them in the .ini files, e.g: dtserver.ini


My client wants to have the timezone of the 'start time' of the purepath to be the same when viewed by any user no matter what their local timeone is. in this case, they want all their users to see the purepath time in MST, even if they are in PST or EST. Would such a thing be doable with a JVM or server setting?

You can change the timezone the client shows times - should still work.

Would be of course needed on each installed client...