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PurePath Tree not not showing complete nodes


We have created an incident on the basis of web request response time on a url.

But when we click purepath then purepath tree is only shiowing webrequest.Not able to see the cause for the high response time and also the visit .The customer who faced it.


Hi Rishabh, It seems you have instrumented only the web server (IIS?) Hence you arr getting only the Web request entry point node. You need to check if instrumented app server agents are up, connected and have licence. Check these and let us know. Regards, Rajesh

Hi rajesh i checked that .Yes the instrumented app server agents are up in dot net configuration tool.But in agents overview it is showing disconnected .I am confused what to do know.

If an agent is not connected, you first need to check for the reasons. In the agent overview, you should be able to see the reason for disconnection. It may be due to agent is down, mis-configured, port not opened. license exhausted etc.