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Purelytics, exporting dashlets and linking data



I'm working on my master thesis and find myself in the need of some help.

What I'm trying to achieve in AppMon, is to export data from visits and from the underlying user actions for said visits. The process at hand right now, is to export the Visits dashlet and then the User Actions dashlet, separately. This is time consuming and at the same time inefficient. Thus, dear community, I reaching out to you for som guidance.

Is there a way to link visit data and the underlying user actions in a more automated manner? As you can see in the title, I have added Purelytics to the mix. Will the Purelytics in combination with the ELK-stack do the job? Or is there another way to solve the task at hand?

I would be very grateful for an answer!

Many thanks in advance!




Hello Ali,

The PureLytics stream sends real time UEM data from the AppMon Server to an external data source like Elasticsearch so you can you leverage UEM data as part of big data analysis. Streamed data includes user visits, user actions and client errors.

Check the following link for better understanding:



Babar, thank you for the answer.

Is there a way of manually doing this via REST? So that wan can link a visit with it's underlying actions? I see from the JSON documents that there is a visitID for the exported data, does this apply when you do try to get access to the data via REST?

Hello Ali,

The AppMon Server offers RESTful interfaces to start and monitor an on-demand export with the PureLytics Stream. Currently it is possible to export data within a specific timeframe and type to an Elasticsearch instance.

Check the following link: