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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Purepath Corrupted


Hi Team,

We are getting purepath corrupted and we can able to see the below error messages.
*Unable to determine PurePath success because of the following reasons:
Probably an involved agent has been shut down before the PurePath completed or a node contains corrupted information*

Please find the attached pure path screen shot for the reference. Also we can able to see the agent are up and running finepurepath.pngpurepath1-1.png



Hey Senthamilselvan,

Thanks for those screenshots. Can you also share a screenshot which shows the PurePath tree so we can understand the structure of this PurePath? It will give us a better idea why it may be considered corrupted.


Hi Brett,

Please find the attached purepath tree. Please let me know for more information.cusersuisj46picturescorrupted-purepath.png

seems like one of your agents is corrupt. One of the nodes in the purepath says <unknown>. that typically indicates an issue on that agent. either a problem with the instrumentation or a problem with the data collection. could be that some events get lost on the way. Try recycling that application and see if this problem keeps happening