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Purepath Not Recorded



I work in banking company, and I'm new in Dynatrace. I monitored an app for office banking that named FES. And yesterday, I receive information from someone who work in office banking areas, they told me that error in a transaction, this transaction is TSIZ and below is screenshot of error when they doing TSIZ transaction, they doing this transaction in 15/10/2018 16:22:42 and precessed in 20537 ms

In dynatrace, that transaction known as /dteller/tsizInquiry.view

The problem is, when I search the transaction by IP address, there's not found. And I try search the /dteller/tsizInquiry.view in range 15:32 - 18:02 that execute by this IP is not found. Yesterday, about 17:00 they confirm to me, they doing logoff, and login again, until finally they doing TSIZ again. But none of the transactions were captured in Dynatrace.

FYI, this FES app have 6 app server, 6 web server, and 2 middleware server, but the server that installed dynatrace agent not complete, only 6 app server, 3 web server, and 2 middleware server.

Is there a possibility of transactions that are not recorded because the agent installed not on all server ?





Hello @Muhammad N.

You understanding is correct especially when the application is in the load balancing mode then you will have to instrument all the hosts/processes to make sure everything is capturing. The second option is to turn off the remaining hosts in case you are doing this exercise in the pre-production.

Do you have an enabled UEM for this application?



Hi @Babar Q.

All of servers is in the production now, and I have no UEM for this application. I confuse of this issue, because in last week when they told me there is a same error like this, and then I search by they IP, and I can found it.