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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Purepath Timeout


Hi ,

I am getting the "Purepth timeout" error In Dynatrace 7.0 .Also the response time of transaction is high it takes 35-40 minutes to complete. Attaching the snap also. Please help me to resolve this issue


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

As you mention your purepaths are taking a while to finish. We have a time out system to avoid any purepaths hanging up in our system. If you feel like your application is running correctly I believe you can use our ADK to send a stop purepath signal to the server but I would reccomend figuring out where your application is hanging and fix that.


Maybe you have to configura a large timeout-value for PurePath age. See in the documentation:

1. PurePath completeness timeout: The completeness timeout defines the timeframe

for PurePaths to be finalized when additional data might still come in. The default is 600

seconds (10 minutes); that is, the timeout is triggered 10 minutes after the last event

came in on that PurePath. If you have constant events coming in, the PurePath will

continue until there is no event within the defined timeout period. The timeout can be

configured to a maximum of 3600 seconds (1 hour). Check Agent connections and

application logic before changing the timeout value: -


2. Maximum PurePath age: In very rare cases, it might be necessary to change the

default PurePath timeout, for instance for an extremely long running job of SQL

statements. In <DT_HOME>/dtserver.ini, add -


Then restart the AppMon Server to implement the changes.

Be aware that increasing this value can result in enormous PurePath node sizes,

challenging the stability of the AppMon Server. However, if DB statement

aggregation (currently available for JDBC and ADO.NET) is enabled, it may shrink the

node size for parameterized queries, which reduces the load.