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Purepath collecting, but not showing



I have situation when one agent collect purepath (I can see that in agent overview dashlet, column "Total purepath count") where purepath numbers increase from time to time. But when I try to find them in purepath dashlet with agent filter I could not see it.

So could you please help me - what I can check? And why "Total purepath count" increase, but I didnt see it.




Hello Nikolay,

There may be some additional filters on the dashboard that you using to try to view the PurePaths for the agent you want. Could you try creating a separate dashboard and confirming that the source is from the correct system profile, then open the PurePaths dashlet and filter by the agent you want. You may also have to expand the timeframe to include a couple of days in order to see the traffic if it not consistent.

If that doesn't work, two screenshots with the PurePath count changed would help to confirm that the agent is indeed capturing PurePaths and that it isn't just the even count that is increasing.


David Nicholls

Hello David,

There are no additional filters, I tried several times - with out success.

As you could see in screenshot - purepath number increase(after one minute or maybe less):

And one with dashboard and filter:

Do you have any idea about that?

Wow, that really is weird. If you have all the PurePaths being displayed and search in the top section for the two agents tied to app1 and app2, are there any PurePaths for them there?

I also tried this before and now I did that one more time - and there are no purepath for my agents. Also I did CPU Sampling, and there I can see, that my app really work. But still didnot see any purepath and BT does not calculate them.

Can you open the Dyntrace Server health dashboard and share a screenshot? I am particularly interested in the PurePath Status dashlet. This will let us know whether the PurePaths are just being discarded by the server or if they are being dropped by the collector somehow. We might also need to check the agent logs to make sure there are no errors there.

Server health dashboard:

I have checked several times agents and collectors log, but there are no any warning messages about this sitaution.

1. Agent log agent.txt

2. Collector logcollector.txt

Hello Nikolay,

I see a large number of DriftCalculation entries where they mention the tick count of the agent being very large. Quite often this is because of the global agent time of the agent is large. This is the gap between the time that the agent server is reporting and the time that the AppMon server is reporting.

Could you chart the Global Agent Time (Delta) in the self-monitoring system profile? I suspect this chart will be very high (millions of milliseconds) and this could be the root cause.


David Nicholls

Thank you David for the answer.

But time delta looks good:

One time I had problem with time delta on other agent, but I see warnings in server logs about that. In current case - all logs clear.

Yeah, your time drift doesn't look bad at all. Normally the tickCount messages are indicators of a large GAT. What is the ticket number for the one you have created. I have tried everything that I know but I am interested in learning the solution once support finds it.

Ticket number is SUPDT-37815


Small update. Today I think, that maybe something wrong with collectors. So I restarted one of the collector which was agent app-1 connect, and when it reconnect to another collector (I have two collectors in one group) I saw couple of purepath (~40) for 30sec or 1 minute, than it became gray as corrupted and than miss at all. I tried several times reboot collector - and every time after reboot for 1 minute there were some purepath and than it missed again and again.

Do you know, where I could look at?

Might be worth checking any related logs both on the collector and server - but really enough is going on here that you may want to open a case with support.

I checked all logs, and I cannot find any errors related to this case. I opened case already.


Hello! I have some investigation about my issue. I found our purepath from System2 (PROD_System2 profile) system in another profile - PROD_System1, where we are monitoring IBM integration bus (system which connect System1 application with other backend, one of the backend system is System1). So transaction start from IBM IB (PROD_System2 profile) and continues in System1 application (PROD_System1 profile) and we see hole transaction only in PROD_System2 profile.

So my question is how we could see System1 purepath in PROD_System1 profile even it start from PROD_System2 profile? And we could have possibility to calculate BTs?
Thank you in advance!

Ah didn't even consider that - PurePaths will show up in the profile where the transaction is started regardless of where the agent is mapped to. See Christian's post here for some more information including a debug flag that is supposed to 'break' PurePaths at the system profile boundaries. Note that this would have some downsides including that transactions wouldn't truly be end to end and you would potentially need to modify sensors as new entry points may be required given that transactions would be starting 'mid-way.'

Right now there is no option to have PurePaths be displayed in multiple system profiles at the same time so it is either have them all be in the originating system profile or have different segments be in there appropriate profile.