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Purepath don't show information


Hi everyone,

I have a problem with my monitored website by Dynatrace AppMon. Some purepaths didn't monitored the performance of corresponding methods.

I showed you 2 screenshot about the same purepath:



I want to diagnostic problem for why this purepath very slow, but can not see any information of corresponding methods. Where the problem is?



Did you try right clicking on the purepath that isn't showing data and click on "Details"? It'll help you get more insight on what exactly is happening in the purepath with no tree.

Yes, i did. But there is not much information to determine exactly where the error is Exec total, Exec(ms), Elapsed time(ms)...

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Consider it a possibility that this request gets hung up at the web server and never actually reaches the other agents. I would also check that all of your agents are connected and instrumented properly.


But response code of this request still 200 (OK)?

Hi Arsui, Yes, Response code can be 200. It is very common to allow to access the root of application. The forward slash you are seeing is actually home page (index.html/default.aspx etc.) request of the application which is pretty normal not to have further Trace deeper into app server. I hope this answers your query.

As shown in the snapshot, the URL has responded slow due to High CPU time for the MoveNext() method in in MapMiddleware class. Hope it helps. Regards, Rajesh.