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Purepath length measure


I have a customer who needs to count how many of a certain transactions have failed. As there could be many many reasons for that failure we cannot count the number of time a particular log or method etc is called.

We have noticed that when a transaction is successful it is always over 30 in purepath length. As a result they want to create a measure with 30 as a threshold so they can count how many times the purepath length is lower then this ie. a failure.

As there is only a purepath length measure for all system profiles in self monitoring profile it doesnt seem that this will be possible. Does anyone have any ideas on how this measure could be created? Or does anyone have any other creative ideas for this requirement?




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hello Ruth,

One thought that comes to mind would be to create a business transaction that Filters on the purepath Node count with a threshold over 30 (your rule for passed/failed transactions). I would verify before creating the BT by creating a Purepath Node measure and see if the numbers match up. If so you could totally use that for a Filter in a BT. Hope this helps.