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Purepath not collecting


Dynatrace agent is configured to monitor the application in server . we have two collectors and they are in a group . Currently we have 23 agents in one collector and in another 52 agents . But none of them are providing purepath . Collector physical memory is 8 G and Heap memory is 2G . Maximum of 1.6 G Heap memory is utilized .

When i went through the Agent log , i found it is not able to load lot of dll's . Attached the log file -9998.txt

Please let me know if some one has come across this issue


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


I would not worry about the Dynamic Assembly messages. As long as the application is architected with standard components such as ASP.NET you should be able to see purepaths.

Can you confirm the app contains ASP.NET components? These are the usual entry points for a .NET application.
I would also examine the AgentsOverview dashlet and look at the Event Count column. Is it increasing as you exercise the app? I assume you're exercising the application.

If EventCount is not increasing, then your agents are not collecting any data. If this is the case, then I would focus on the agents and explore the Deployed Sensor tab at the bottom of AgentOverview.

If your application architecture does not have ASP.NET (or other common entry points), then it might be necessary to define custom entry points, but lets' get the basic questions answered first.



Hi Joseph ,

Yes, this application is build up on standard ASP.Net components .

I looked at the event count in Agents overview dashlet and the count is increasing when we launch the application .


Hello Sruthi,

In this situation might be you will have to go for the custom entry point but before that try to 'active and start PurePaths' of the following Sensor Pack and if possible after applied these settings, restart your application.



Thanks Babar . I have tried out that option .

Restarted my services thinking that something is blocking the server while collecting data . It resolved the issue .


Hello Sruthi,

You Welcome. Great to hear.