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Purepath not marked as failed when web service is marked failed


On Dynatrace 6.1 we are experiencing an issue where the purepaths is not being marked as failed even when the purepaths have marked the web service call as failed inside ( in this case a bad dns endpoint is given in the web service call ) .

Unhandled exceptions as well as Unhandled intra-tier exceptions are marked to fail the purepaths in error handling.

Is this a known feature or is something else at work here? All input is appreciated. Thanks


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

The Default Error Rules will not mark the PurePath as failed when there is a Web Service call "within" a PurePath that fails. You can edit your System PRofile and check the Error Detection section. There you will see all error rules and the Impact setting

By default only Errors that make it back to the End User will mark the PurePath as failed, e.G: HTTP 5xx on Transaction Entry or Exceptions that are really getting thrown "outside" the PurePath.

The Exceptions you see in your PurePath just tell you that these Exceptions have been thrown. These Exceptions were however handled by your application as we cant see them bubbling up all the way to the Top of the PurePath


Thanks @Andreas Grabner
So is there no generic way to monitor for a error condition on the web service in this specific case then? I can think of making a measure on the exact error message here - but trying to think of a way to detect problems with this web service in general? Perhaps only way is to get developers to throw an exception we can use?

It is something we have been thinking about on how to better support this "service oriented analysis" better out-of-the-box. You can open the Web Service Dashlet and you will get your Failure Rate per service call. What you cant get right now are measures per web service that you could also use for alerting