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Purepath states


Purepath for my application are in state of "Processing" and stays like that for a long and I am not able to view the transaction flow due to it,it only changes to complete if i stop application server.

What could be the reason?



Actually it only shows it as complete if you restart the collector and not the AS.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Processing means that the dynaTrace Server is still waiting for certain events for this PurePath in order to "complete" it.

This can have multiple reasons:

a) events get lost on the way, e.g: buffers saturated on agent or collector

b) some problem with the sensors -> here its possible that due to special frameworks that you use the sensors run into problems where they dont send all eevnts -> here I suggest openeing a ticket

c) long running transactions: it is possible that your transactions just run too long, e.g: long running background processing. Here you need to figure out how to exclude those PurePaths in case there are indiviudal ones that are that long running, e.g: exclude certain URLs


It seems more likely the "a" condition as it was working earlier and i changed the licenses and now its not ,how can i unsaturate ? because i cleared the cache after deactivating the agents,also deleted the sessions etc.

We are using Sharepoint and even the default page of the SP portal seems to have a non ending purepath.

Have you restarted your agents? In your case recycling the AppPools or doing an IISReset will do take care of this

I did reset the IIS but its still the same,though I observed that even though i deleted the session and cache,i can still see some purepath elapsed time as in some million milliseconds meaning that they were still hiding behind somewhere.

To check for buffer saturation and events being lost, look at the server and collector health dashboards from Start Center.


I had a same issue this morning, it got resolved just by recycling DT server,

Still i see some issue with Memory " Low server memory failed to load purepaths'data

Can someone help me where this memory setting to adjust to right level.

You mean you restarted the DT server and it worked for you ?