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Purepath still coming in although HP LoadRunner already finished ramp down

Anyone ever experience this? I have collaborating with loadrunner team for quite a few times in the past years.

And I see this each and everytime. If yes, any explanation for this?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Not familiar with that, but what I would do is try to correlate the PurePaths you're seeing with some other data source to find out where the additional transactions are coming from. Missing transactions due to configurations is one thing but I've never heard of a case of it pulling data out of thin air. Does LoadRunner log every action it does for the tests and are you sure that the PurePaths you're seeing are actually from it? Could there be some other source of the transactions?


I believe that wouldn't be the case since I experienced this in multiple client sites.

And since this is about tagged web request (with the Timer Name) instead of Real WEb Request (with URL shown), I believe the chance of other additional data sources present without my knowledge is slim. [Well, since I don't see any robot in the transaction flow all other time if LoadRunner is not running test]