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Purepath with same URL and same host falls into different application

As mentioned in the title, the same Purepath falls into different applications, hereby uploaded the screenshot of the way I defined the applications grouping too




When you created your Rule you specified the following pattern:

URI/AppId contains

URI/AppId contains

By URI you need to consider the following /FPBE000.apsx as it shows in your PurePath column.

By AppId you need to consider what it shows at the Web Requests Details (generally at the first node in the PurePath tree), for example:

Probably some of your PurePaths matched with the Web Application Id value and some not.

Try to confirm that, please.



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Wai,

My guess is you have URIs that use IP instead of host name since they are not getting assigned by Host or your rule.

I generally do a "catch all rule" such as "contains /" to take care of any URIs that bypass the more specific rules above it.

I also generally turn off Host detection, especially if the entry point is exposed to the internet, since oftentimes scripts will spoof the HOST header and cause a lot of annoying applications to appear. Also, if you use a FQDN, you will get one application, whereas a partially qualified name will give another, and an IP address will result in "Default Application".