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Put Script Output into Measure


I want to measure the CodeCache committed size in a SAP JavaVM. In an Oracle Java VM it's possible by JMX. Out of the box.

A SAP Java VM doesn't have such a JMX metric.

Is it possible, maybe by the help of plugin, to call a script regullary and put the result into a dynatrace measure?

/opt/hybris/java/sapjdk8.1.050/sapjvm_8/bin/jvmmon -pid 73526 -c "print jit info"

General JIT info
JIT is : on
Total CPU time : 463,29 s
Compiler threads : 2
CodeCache overview
Reserved size : 512000 KB
Committed size : 179840 KB
Unallocated capacity : 334281 KB
Stubs : 1225 blobs, 0 not-entrant, 2502 KB
comp level 0 : 270 blobs, 0 not-entrant, 225 KB
comp level 1 : 7393 blobs, 0 not-entrant, 5877 KB
comp level 2 : 4821 blobs, 0 not-entrant, 10464 KB
comp level 3 : 18803 blobs, 16 not-entrant, 90811 KB
comp level 4 : 12258 blobs, 0 not-entrant, 63125 KB
CodeCache cleaning overview


tge answer for your question are Dynatrace monitors:

You can’t write own monitor that will do what you need.

Here you have sample monitor that can be used by you as starting point for writing your own. Monitor is executed on collector so it may be needed to find way how it can fetch data you need.

Possibly some script on sap host side.