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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Question about a feature discussed in a Blog from Andreas


In a blog written by Andreas at

There was reference to opening the purepath view in the Web UI. Is this an out of the box view as it was said "simply open the purepath view in Web UI" or is this something that needs to be created. I got the impression because of the analytics occurring in it and that it was described as an exciting new feature that this was something that was easily accessible. Could Andreas or somebody tell me how to get access to this as this looks very cool but I am new to Web UI and trying to get started in understanding what's available.






The Purepath view is available in the Web UI by default (no additional configuration needed). Using your browser, navigate via https to the Dynatrace host name or ip address and use port 9911.

This should pull up the Web Dashboards. Locate at the top left corner a menu tab where you can then click "Purepaths". Once selected, you will get additional tabs on the left - Response Time, State, Database, Threading etc. These tabs are categorized filters based on different types of performance issues or behavior that identify specific Purepaths (within the given timeframe) which fall into the respective category.

Here is the documentation link for the Web Dashboard information:

Thanks Zach for the answer 🙂


Thanks very much Zach! I was trying to do this in 6.3 that's where I went wrong. I did check out our 6.5 infrastructure and saw what you pointed out but because it is used very limited there was not much data to see. But we should be moving to it 100% by 2Qtr and this will be an awesome feature. Thanks again for showing me this!