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Question about permanently deleting a saved dashboard


Hi Community,

We are trying to clean up the dashboards(dt 5.6) as people have been creating many dashboards and there is alot of garbage. However, when I delete the dashboard, it's still available for some reason...As if the delete option simple doesn't work. I even went into the folder on the dynatrace server and deleted the .xml file (/apps/dynatrace-5.6.0/server/conf/dashboards). But it's still available (even after closing/re-opening the client)

Any ideas?



Hi Phillip,

I just went into DT to create a sample dashboard, save, then delete to see if it would permanently be deleted, which it was. Did you verify the permissions to save/modify/delete? It could also be a version issue, I tested on 6.1.



Hi Jacob,

Thanks! I should have added- did you open the dashboard after you created it? Then- after you delete it, look in your "Recent Dashboards"- you should see it, and be able to open it.

I did the exact same test as you, and we able to delete- but that baby was still in the recent dashboards- and I was able to open it. I'm thinking it's getting cached somewhere.

You may have a local copy of the dashboard.

If you open a locally saved dashboard the dynatrace client window title changes to the complete path of the dashboard.

For dashboard in the server the title will be the dashboard name.

Hope this answers the questions.



Thanks Sreerag,

Definitely saved on the server (not locally), I do have a number of locally saved dashboards- in fact, I am encouraging our users to save locally- not on the server. But I intentionally saved this one on the server to test- and it's just not going away, it's kind of funny actually!


Please delete my account and all associated data. Thank you.