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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Question about using variable in Text and Measurement - Web



I encountered one problem when configuring a variable in Text and Measurement - Web Dashboard

I added 2 measures:

  • Count of success PP
  • Count of wrong PP

I added Variable - {2}/({1}+{2})*100 - percentage of unsuccessful PP

It is working successful

But I have problem when I donot have Value {2} - On the dashboard we see the value {$var1}

and Value {2} -

I want that in this case there was a value of 0. Because I do not have unsuccessful PP

Could I somehow correct this situation?

It may be possible to use any exceptions (examples - if)? Or using JavaScript.

Maybe probaply Can I change name {$var1} to good (for examples)

Could someone have advanced level on Web-dashboard and help me with it question?


Hi Andrey,

i'd suggest you to use the measure "Failed Transaction Percentage (Error Detection)" instead of doing the calculation. This measure shows the percentage of failed PurePaths.

Second, regarding the "-" dash which leads to an undefined result in your case:

The dash is shown when there is no data in the selected timeframe. So since you have no failed PurePath, the dash is shown.


Hello Peter

In this case it is not Failed PP

I detect unsuccessful PurePath on method invocation and return value rules

AppMon cannot have rules for define them as erroneous.

My question how I can hide name {$var1} then I don't have measures?

Can I use some JavaScript for configuring any events, for example, the appearance of an alert text?

if for example take an example based on easyTravel

For example, I want to see the percentage of trips to Paris from the total number

But if we do not have the vouchers to Paris than it will show the value {$var1} insted of the true value 0 or -


@Peter Z.

Hello Peter

Do you have any good news about my questions ?

Do you plan to create these functions for web dashboards?

Have Dynatrace plan to make properly count for failed PP (based on exceptions messages or method values) ?


  • JLT-217103 - Allow the user to display "0" instead of "-" if no data is available in the Text and measures tile.