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Question on Memory Analysis Servers


Another question on Memory Analysis Servers - do i need one Analysis
server for *each* Dt Server I have or can i "share" it, pointing all my
Dt Servers to a single Analysis server?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

You can share it.


Does anyone know if there are limits around how many Appmon Dt servers
can report to a single Analysis Server or if there are potential network
latency concerns?

I don't believe there are any set limits as for the most part the servers will know where the memory analysis server is but will not actively be using it. It is only when a memory snapshot needs to be processed that much load will be placed on the analysis server. The analysis server should probably be sized to accommodate how many snapshots may be analyzed concurrently at any given time but if you expect to only do one at time you would probably be fine just having it sized to handle the largest snapshot you will be processing at any given time.