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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Question on Memory Leak analysis report.


Hello everyone,

Thank you in advance for your help. We are having GC and high CPU% spikes on our web server. I have performed a memory leak and a memory trending report. I can see 2 Classes with a large amount of objects in the Leak analysis. One of them with 3.6 million. They all have the exact GC and Shallow size of 24 bytes. Is this a memory leak?

Also, how do I find out what page or method is causing this? I drilled down to References but can't make heads or tales of what I am seeing. Not very good at analyzing Memory snapshots.

I've attached 2 screenshots for everyone and thanks again.





That's a lot of objects, but the overall consumption of all objects is < 100 MB.

You are best off taking multiple trending snapshots over the course of time it takes to garbage collect (e.g. if you are seeing GC/CPU spikes every hour then run a snapshot task for at least 60 minutes) then see what is growing. Keep in mind it could be that there isn't a steady allocation, but rather sudden object allocation which stresses out the server

Hi Tom,

Generally, a lot of small objects isn't necessarily a memory leak, and may be normal behavior. Like Rick said above, the total size of all the objects is rather small. When looking for memory leaks, check out the following aritcle, it is very useful on this topic.

Dynatrace Community Memory Diagnostics Article

- Jacob P.