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Questions about dtSa Cookie



I have a question about dtSa cookie.

1. What is the difference between dtSa cookies and none dtSa cookies?

2. What does 'link' mean at the end of dtSa Cookie?

For example cookie...


Thank you.



Hi, dtSa cookie is used by the UEM JavaScript for older browsers where session storage is not available. What we store in there is some information to track a delayed user action across pages (so you click a link and another page is loaded - we store the data in this cookie for the next page to send to the dynatrace monitoring signal since - since you navigated away from the last page and there is not an option to use a session storage if the browser is old and has not that facility. Also it could be the case you have moved from one page link to a subdomain of another because the local session storage is not persisted navigating between different subdomains, but a cookie is persisted for us to have that info and then send to dynatrace.

The link you mention in there, this is part of the payload and is some information about a link from a page to another. You can decode the contents at a site like

Hope it explains it for you,

Thanks for your answer.

This is the result of decoding from the website you gave me.

dtSa\=true|C|-1|XXXX|-|1541673388601|273384345_482||ABC ^p DEFGHI|1541673316584|link;

Our customer's information is masked.

Can you tell me more about what that 'link' means?

Thank you.