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REDIS DB monitoring



I would like to know if REDIS databse can be monitored at a system profile level. Is it supported?

We are using appmon 6.5. Thanks.



You can use a host agent to monitor the DB host as well as instrumenting the app server that accesses the REDIS DB to get somee insight into the calls made to the DB. The only supported technologies that the database agent supports is the MySQL, DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server.

Hi Martin,

REDIS DB is on the different server and IIS web server is on diff server in our case. What all configurations do I need to do it from Dynatrace client and on IIS server and how? Can you please explain?

You can instrument thee IIS agent via this page:


But we already have IIS web server agent configured. REDIS DB is on some other host. Where do I need to configure REDIS DB details from Dynatrace client and what info I would need?

Your only option at this point (either than the plug in mentioned below) is to use a host monitoring agent:

So by using plugin I can chart the same metrics and show it on dashboard right?

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Also take a look at the REDIS plugin: