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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

REST Api call with blank in url


How can I do a REST-api call to dynatrace with a blank in the URL like:


With this URL (received by a call to the api to get all profiles) I get

<error reason="System profile 'dynaTrace Self-Monitoring' not found"/>




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I used your exact URL but just replaced the servername with ours and was able to successfully pull this up:

Are you sure that this profile may not have been renamed or something like that?


Hi James

Thank you. I did some more tests. The problem seems not to be a blank in the name of the system profile. When I create a new profile with a blank in the name, I can do a rest call to get the metadata of the profile without problem.

When I use the adress of the built in 'dynaTrace Self-Monitoring' profile, I get a 404 answer.



Can you post a screenshot of the dynaTrace Self-Monitoring profile name within the client cockpit?

I use the href-url, I get with a call to


Yeah that looks fine, I'm not sure what the issue may be. Perhaps check that the account you are using has permissions to view the self-monitoring profile and the logs might have some info as to why it is not showing that data. Otherwise I would wait to see if any others may have run into this and then if not possibly open a support case.

The problem is not the blank in the URL and not permissions. It has to do something with this 'special' built-in dynatrace Profile.

Apart from the fact that this profile is focused on data within the AppMon deployment itself there is really isn't anything special about it, so I imagine whatever the issue is has some other reason that could effect any profile. Do you see anything in the log Server.0.0.log when you try to access this? And have you verified this is the only profile affected?

Without more information and if you believe it really is an issue with this profile I would open a support case to get it resolved as quickly as possible - I haven't seen this and can't recreate it, and I see no support cases in the past with a similar issue.