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RFE: Agent group related dashlets on Dynatrace Web


My customer would like to encourage all of their internal users to use Dynatrace Web. However, they couldn't do that because of a key difference between Dynatrace Web and fat client. The dashlets in which they can do filtering on agent groups to get insights of the performance of agent groups is not available in Dynatrace Web.

For example, web request/web services dashlets on fat client that shows response time, count and failure rate of web request/web services executed on a particular agent group is not available on Dynatrace Web. This is the only place they can see those high level statistics and the context(URIs or endpoints) for the sub requests(not the requests start a purepath) executed on the instances of agent groups.

They need to have this same level of visibility on Dynatrace Web before they can promote it to the users.



I also have one customer who is not able to monitor their user sessions, database calls etc, because his system is a "fat client".I am still trying to understand why the SaaS solution works for another system that uses the same instance as this one, and for this particular Fat client, none of the connections or DB calls are able to be triggered by the Dynatrace OneAgent. Is there a work around for this ? The Dynatrace support team offered a solution called OneAgent SDK..... which is an open source solution, but that would be a no no for our customer, due to privacy data restrictions and other security reasons.......