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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

RFE: AppMon customer license pack


Last year we extended our AppMon environment with .NET agents. We also introduced the hosting agents and the UEM feature into our company.


Each time we needed a new license from AppMon which was in fact only an extension of the previous one. Sometimes we retrieved a new license that conained only the new feature without the old license features. Resulting i the creation of new licenses. Altough above is certainly workable it is not an elegant solution.

Lisence pack

My proposal is a customer license pack. AppMon gives us a new license (for example UEM, extra .NEt agents, extra hosting agents, ... ), activating this license equals to extend the current license pack (increase agent number, add new feature, ...).



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Steven,

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions on licensing.

Actually we plan to simplify a lot here:

  • 6.3 comes with an additional consumption model, which could be added on top of an existing license.
  • Over the next releases we are planning a couple of simplifications

    • E.g. only one edition (no distinction between pre-production and production environment).
    • Or get rid of the licensing per tech type
  • Last but not least we are planning a online license server which will host the full amount of agents and visits you own. A Dynatrace server can then checkout the needed amount of licenses (without issuing an license).

This should make things much easier and reduce the effort with licensing to a minimum.


Hi Kurt,

great to read that, as I was about to put in a RFE for a licensing server. Would be cool if access to such a server could be done also by multiple AppMon servers. I experience quite often at bigger customers with multiple staging environments and therefore AppMon environments, that they want to share agents easier between those environments. An additional license server component would support such an approach.

The only worry I have about a pure online license solution is, for customer using AppMon servers offline (internally). Maybe for such situations, a license server instance would be nice to have, which could be shared by multiple AppMon servers (similar to the memory analysis server nowadays). I think this would be especially great in future where there is only one license type as well as one agent (as you said).

Best regards


This is great to hear, as working more in enterprise environment we really need to the ability to move licenses around. Esp UEM, but even APM agent counts.


Any updates on this with Appmon 6.5 release? We are looking for flexible license types and customers should be able to configure as they need and when they need it. One hour one combination other hour different combination. This is helpful to optimally utilize all licenses and easy to change when target application implementation technology changes like Java changed to .NET or vice versa.