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RFE - create a consistent manual way import session files from backup


I have had issues in the past where I need to recover specific dates of data from our backups of the session files. The recommend the shutdown->merge->restart method works to copy files back to the drive where the session files are stored.

I have tried to manually create a DTS file by zipping up the directory named after my system
profile, and changed the extension of the zip file to "dts". This does not seem to work correctly.

Please create a utility to manually create DTS files from recovered session files.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi John. Sorry to have to ask you - but - can you re-post this RFE into the Product Ideas section of the forum? Thats where people will have the option to VOTE for your RFE and the Product Team is also looking into all the IDeas that come in. ONce that is done we can remove this post - OR LINK to it!

Sorry about that I thought I did. Here is the link to the new post.