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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

RFE - include a webdashboard rotator (cfr Kioskmode in AppMon Client)



I would like to have a webdashboard rotator (based on URL's). On the internet I've found a javascript which makes uses of IFRAMES, but due the security policy of my customer, it is forbidden to use it.

So I would like to have a functionality like the kioskmode in AppMon client, but then for webdashboards.

PROBLEM 2: the same webdashboard filtered by different system profiles -> URL stays the same

On my NON-PROD server I work with different system profiles (DEV, TEST, ...).

I've created a webdashboard in which I filter by system profile. But if I change the system profile as filtercriteria, the URL stays the same.

So the content of webdashboard X filtered by system profile DEV is different with the same webdashboard X filtered by system profile TEST, but the URL of webdashboard X is the same URL.

So if I would like to use a dashboard rotator with different webdashboards, than I have a problem in this case because of the same URL


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

FYI here is the post regarding web dashboards planned enhancements - a kiosk mode is something that is being considered though it doesn't look to be planned yet:

For your second problem what I would do is just clone the dashboard and change the name to indicate it is only for test data and save it with the test system profile. Then you'd be able to have a different URL for the different environments. There's probably browser add ons that can be used to rotate as well in the meantime while the kiosk mode is considered.

(Also note in the future when creating idea you can select the post type as an "idea" so that people can vote on it).


Hi Jannick,

have you tried using a browser extension to rotate the dashboard? See

while the URL stays the same, the dashboard update which occurs every minute will not cause changing the selected system profile (only a full browser refresh would). So what i could imagine is that you open the dashboards you want to rotate, select the system profile you want to show and let the extension rotate your desired dashboards.