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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

RMI Sensor and RMI tagging sensor


Hi everyone!

Our customer uses the RMI. The customer wants to connect the PurePaths of RMI but they do not want to get the detail information of the RMI for the application load.

We set the RMI sensor and RMI tagging sensor, but the agent was deployed the sensors to about 42,000 methods.

The user's production enviroment comes about 300 requests per second per agent, so I think this sensor setting affects the production enviroment.

I checked the list of the sensor deployment methods, the most of the methods was deployed with "all methods" and "include" in RMI sensor.

So I have questions.

Q1: For connecting the purepaths of RMI transactions, is it nessesary to set the RMI sensor? Is it OK to set only RMI tagging sensor?

Q2: If it is nessasary to set RMI sensor for the connecting the purepaths of RMI transactions, Is it nessesary to "all methods" and " include"?