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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Re-Create Throughput Monitoring Dashboard


Hi Community,

I have a few questions about the Throughput in the monitoring dashboard.

My customer is looking for Throughput requests/minute of pages. I
know the Monitoring dashboard has Throughput dashlets, but they are only for 7
days. The customer wants to have a customizable time frame larger and/or
smaller. It doesn’t appear the Throughput dashlet in the Monitoring
dashboard can be saved out to its own dashboard and modified. Does anyone know if this can this be re-created outside of Monitoring via BT’s?





Hey Brittany,

You could calculate the Throughput by creating a BT containing a COUNT of all Web Requests of the BT's on your monitoring page pertaining to that application. You would utilize the OR logic so it would be a culmination of the web requests.

The only issue's which you might run into are(hopefully somebody else can speak to these):

  1. Would there be the possibility of a double count if your BT's are related?
  2. Being able to display it in a per minute fashion




put your client in debug mode (ctrl+shift+f9) then you can change the filter to a bigger time-frame and save-as... on the monitoring dashboard. Easiest solution for your situation.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Brittany,

If you want to recreate the Throughput, Response Time, Failure Rate baseline dashboards, here is the basic technique:

Navigate via the "Blue Monitoring Eyeball" to the "Business Transactions Details" view (this is done in 6.2 by going to Omnichannel, thru Application Overview, thru a specific application, to a specific business transaction).

If the chart you want to duplicate is not the large one on the left, click the chart you want so it moves to the left and is made large.

Click on the blue "Open in dashboard" link at the top right of the large chart.

Select New Dashboard (or one you want to add it to from the list if you have that dashboard open already).

After doing this, you will have a "Baseline Chart" available like normal via the cockpit that honors the time filter set at the dashboard level.

If you need screen shots or more details, let me know.





to our regret, debug mode was left out in latest versions ;-(

Which versions of DT don't contain Debug mode? That's unfortenate to hear 😞


We are using DT 6.2 .

I do not know if this was the same in previous versions (started only 6 mths ago with DT) , my more experienced collegue told me that it existed in older versions, but is removed. An now, just by luck found how to acivate it by dashboard.

This is the workaround : you can not activate debug mode anymore while on monitoring view, but if you got to a dashboard, use ctrl-shift-F9 and go back to monitoring, filtering options are really there !!!