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React and Apigee

Just wondering if there was any documentation on if DT supports React? We have a new site going live built on React, Akamai and Apigee. My feeling is I will get data before and after the Apigee call but I am interested to know what I will get from a React front end?!



Hi Matthew,

Did you ever get this working? I will need to instrument Apigee soon.

Kind Regards,


Hi @Jacob P. - you get nothing 'in Apigee'. Obviously your call will go in and (hopefully) come out of the other end - in effect. What we did was to create a plugin that pulls the stats from Apigee (API calls, number of last errors, latency etc) and chart that.

Plus, we added a header (within Apigee) to all calls that went via Apigee so we can compare stats to the plugin. Make sure you pass through (both ways) your dt cookies and referrer. With no referrer you will get orphaned purepaths.

Good luck!

Hi Matthew

Thanks for the answer! Sorry about my delay. That is all very helpful. Regarding the plugin you created, do you plan on uploading that to the Community? Or is it something you would be comfortable emailing me? My plan was to add an agent to the Apigee Message Processor and/or Management Server and try to use JMX to retrieve the stats, but if you have a plugin I would love to see it.

Secondly, you are saying that Apigee needs to be tweaked in order to prevent it from stripping the dt cookies and referrer out of the API calls it processes, to prevent PurePaths from splitting at the Apigee layer, correct?

Many Thanks,


Hi Matthew, I'm also interested in the detail on how you managed to set Apigee and dT up to retain the cookies and referrer, as well as the plugin you created. I'm busy with a POC where the prospect is interested in monitoring Apigee with AppMon.

Thanks in advance,


We created a plugin that did a call to the Apigee API to pull stats and charted that data - nothing too fancy. The trick was to append date ranges on the call, apart from that it was simple code.

Unfortunately I do not have access to the plugin anymore so cannot share it.

The cookies and referrers had to be set in Apigee to specifically forward them. If you do not you will get a lot of orphaned calls i.e. the user action will not have the associated purepaths.


So were you able to set up DT with apigee?

did you face any issues with nginx?

HI Eklas N - we didn't set up dt in Apigee. As above, we pulled stats in via the API. No issues with nginx

Could you share the plugin


Previously "Unfortunately I do not have access to the plugin anymore so cannot share it."

thanks, anyone else then perhaps?