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ReadBytesPinned high time


We are doing performance testing of a web application with Spring and Hibernate, DB Oracle, Application Server Weblogic, areadbytespinned.pngnd we have found very high times in the method ReadBytesPinned.

Added screen with purepath with detail and recorded highs.
We do not know why there are high times in this method what exactly is it doing?
What can be the source for these high times to be recorded?

Thank you. Very much.


Hi Marina,

This method appears to be reading in data or waiting for it (I/O Time), perhaps from the database calls right before it, how large are the returns from the SQL queries? Some items that you may want to look at that are not included in your screenshot are the Package and Class of this method and the execute call before it. You can find them by right-clicking on the method and then clicking Details. Knowing the API (package/class) that this method comes from will help you to see what the purpose of this method is. You will need to do some research into the API once you have identified it.

You can also try viewing the source code of the method (and the execute method before it) by right-clicking and selecting Source Lookup > Decompile Source Code.


Thanks Markie for you response.