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Regarding measure and business transaction



I know how to use business transactions and measures, but want to know the exact difference between them and when two use them exactly. Also we have created a measure to throw an incident when the count of URLs exceed 100 in number. For that we have created like shown in the file attached. But the units there was "ms" then how it will consider 100 as number rather than 100 as milli seconds. And the measure is working absolutely fine.

I have learned about the aggregations in the dynatrace documentation but am having little confusion when to use them...Can you please provide a description on avg,max,min,count,sum aggregations in detail.

The timeframe which we will be giving while creating the incident rule, what does it mean...will it check for any deviation of measure within that time? If that is the condition can we trigger an incident if the condition fails atleast 3 three times in that timeframe? @Radu S. @Babar Q.




@Praveena P. BT is a categorization of purepath defined by filter/ split/grouping parameter, so when purepath matches those parameters one or more mterics are calculated to have the result of BT. Also Bt can capture variety of data and parameter that hold confidential values

Hi Praveen,

BTs are based on the Live Transactions which is a part of purepath that is store in session storage. You create measure to find the response time and count of Metrics. Now for getting a number you need to define Count measure from Web Request and you need to filter out based on your URL.