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Regex to exclude if "." at the end

So I am trying to pull url;'s in from clicks, I need to not pull in the url if it has a "." in the last part of the url

e.g results in "test test" but would return no result. The URI will change and so will the number of URI parts.

I hope that makes sense!





have you considered excluding on what the .* would be such as if jpg, gif, png, js? That might be easier to exclude urls that way.


even better if you can part with monitoring of static resources (which in my experience has never been helpful) is to exclude them from being captured in the Servlets or ASP.NET sensor configuration.  An easy way to see what is being captured currently as you check off different types is to open the web requests dashlet and look there.

I usually add exclusions for URIs that end with the following:

  • .js
  • .jpg
  • .gif
  • .css
  • .png


If you are going this route then I would also add on to it that I have found the a good way to exclude endings with regex and include both lowercase and capital.

Example: (png|PNG)

Excellent advice.. thanks a lot.