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Report/Dashboard with collector group


Hi all

Is it possible to create a Report/Dashboard with Collector Group information (GroupName, CollectorName, Technology, ... etc) ?

It could be interesting to have information about group capacity, how many colloctors are up ...



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Francois L.,

I don't use a Collector Group at my client site but I do know of two places where you can find information about Collectors:

1. The Deployment Dashboard "Collector Sizing".

2. Via the measurements in the Dynatrace AppMon System Profile "Self-Monitoring".

I hope this helps!

Kind regards,
Joshua P.


Hi Joshua ...

I have most of what I need at
collector level ... it's at the Collector group level that I would like to have
a report ... export the info to excel and create some kind of a Pivot Table to
know how many collector per group / how many agents ... all that fun stuff

Thanks ... Let me know if you
by any chance you get across this info ...

In the Settings > Dynatrace Servers menu from the filebar at the top, you can select "Collectors" (2) and see the number of agents connected to each collector (3).

From my knowledge, that's the closest I can get to your request.

I do see the validity in your request for information. If the above isn't sufficient, please submit a Request For Enhancement here in the AnswersHub! If you do, link it back here so I can upvote it.

Kind regards,
Joshua P.