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Report Generated using API's showing no Dashlet Data.


I am creating Dashboard reports using the REST API. My dashboards consists of Total Memory Dashlet which shows the memory dump analysis data and Threads Dashlet which consists of Thread dump analysis data each.

The report created shows the following:

Removed Dashlets

The following Dashlets were removed from the Report:

Removed one dashlet because it is not reportable.

I am using Dynatrace 7.0 and have tried generating reports for other dashboards with other type of dashlets which create appropriate reports.

Only for Total memory and Threads dashlets the issue is observed.

Any idea about why this is happening? Any help to solve the issue?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Personally I think this is by design. Both the memory and threads dashlets are really built around complex analysis of what can be large amounts of data and the way you navigate through them wouldn't exactly work well with a generated report.

I can see some cases maybe with the class count where that could be useful to have a simplified report but I imagine this would be an RFE/Idea if anything.


@James K.

Thanks a lot. So does that infer that it wouldn't be possible to store the memory & thread dump analysis results that we see in the client UI?