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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Reporting Transactions count above SLA limit.



We are
making a report from Business Transactions SLA based, and we got an
issue. The thing is that we need the make a report for getting info from the
transactions count which are above and bellow SLA Response Time from the BT
(Severe Limit).

In my report Dashboard we have set the
Business Transactions HotSpot from my selected BT’s.The thing is that in BT HotSpot Dashlet there are two
columns that we thought they will help, “Violations” and “Incidents”. None of them show the value of transactions count that are above SLA Response Time Limit. "Incidents" field does not help because you set an Evaluations Time and an aggregation criteria ( avg, max, etc) and the Minimum Evaluation Time is 10
seconds so if you have 25 transactions above SLA limit you get just 1 incident.

The second column named “Violations” is
related to BT baseline Deviation, so it does help for the report.

Of course we have another solution,
duplicating all BT’s creating new ones called (BTXXXXSlow) setting the metric
evaluation above the SLA criteria. The thing is that we have hundreds of BT.

Do you have any idea?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Alberto, sounds like a perfect use case for the Threshold Violations Count measure. Go into the create measure dialog and do a search for it. There's one for serverside and UEM data.

The idea is that you provide a source measure & a threshold. The threshold violation would then count the number of calls / actions over that threshold.


Hi Adams,

it seems to work perfectly, I am checking it out but look right!