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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Reporting concurrent transactions performance metrics in DCRUM or AppMon



Can anyone help to advise if there is a way to report concurrent transaction performance metrics within DCRUM or AppMon?

TIA for the reply.




We understand from some source DCRUM does not have any concurrent measure for reporting. Can anyone second confirm that?

For concurrent measure in AppMon, we have more details on what we hope to get and hope someone can help to provide some pointers: The
first part is the if there is such measure, out of the box, or customize, the
second part is the how part.

Based on what we knew, there is out of the box Concurrent Visit measure, which also means Concurrent
Sessions. Other than that, we do not have confirmation if there is any
other measure related to concurrenc measure. We knew there is some mentioned of Concurrent Thread but that is
more for low level programming measure which may be difficult to make sense by

Can anyone assist to confirm if there is any way to
get from Dynatrace AppMon (be it from out of the box or customize) measure
for concurrency? Any form of concurrent measure such as:

  • Concurrent User

  • Concurrent Connections

  • Concurrent Login

  • Concurrent etc. (whatever concurrent measure the
    product named and produced)

We needed to this understanding so that we are not
providing incorrect capability / answer to our customer. Please help us to

For each of the Concurrent measure which indicated Dynatrace AppMon able to produce, please let us know where to find the definition so we all have
the same understanding of the meaning.

  • Based on your answer above, can you help to
    provide pointers how we can chart out the measures?

  • We had defined a simple Concurent Visit
    Dashboard to one of the application. Can you help to advise what is a
    proper way such that we can do split by host reporting? Or do we need to
    define each host + url as 1 application?

Thank for bearing with the long winded question. Hope to hear from you guys.


Hi Haroon,

I moved this question to the AppMon Open Q&A forum.

Keep calm and build Community!


Hi Karolina,

Thanks. For your info, We did not put here initially because we also hope to get confirmation if DCRUM has any Concurrent measure for reporting, be it out of the box or customize.