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Reports and concurrents user


There are 3 doubts that I have.
1) How can I automate the generation of report and e-mail sent. in a programmed way?

How can I observe the number of users that inside the application? (@ dashlet)
How can I determine the concurrency of users in the application (per second)? (@ dahslet)


First off, this is AppMon and not Dynatrace, so it should be in the AppMon forum 😉

To answer your questions:

  1. Click on the dropdown arrow next to 'Create Schedule...' where you'll then be able to create a new schedule and define the email settings.
  2. I assume you're asking about your application users, not AppMon users? You'd need to find out if there is a way to track users i.e. via user ID, or unique IP address as an example. You should be able to create a measure for that then, which will give you the total number of users for the selected timeframe. Also check out the measures FAQ.
  3. Not sure you'll be able to track this, at least not down to 'per second'. But the same concept will apply as per point 2.