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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Request header "X-DynaTrace" with Broker agent



Our application has a REST entry point on a broker flow. We have added in
request header the "X-DynaTrace" property but tests are not captured. Do we have
to activate something on the Broker agent ?

To note: we are using Dynatrace 6.2.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru


Do you see any PurePath being captured for these requests? If so - do you mind attaching a screenshot so that we can see how the PurePath looks like? I am especially interested in the Entry Point Node in the PurePath tree. The X-Dynatrace Header is supported by our web-based PurePath Sensors such as Servlet, ASP.NET and Web Server. I just want to confirm that you have a correctly captured PurePath before we figure out why the X-Dynatrace header is not picked up

BTW - I have a YouTube Tutorial where I explain our Testing Integration:


Yes, we can see some PurePath for these requests.Please find in attachment two examples.purepath.pngpurepath2.png

Thanks. I understand now. Your PurePaths start from our Web Service Sensor. The Web Service SEnsor does not support our X-Dynatrace Tagging. Any chance you have a Web Server (Apache, IIS, NGINX ..) sitting before your Application SErver? IF that is the case you could instll the dynatrace web server agent which will start the purepath already on the web server tier. The WEb Server Sensor supports our HTTP X-Dynatrace Header and will then correctly tag them