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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Resons for multipurepathsessionreader lrusize debug setting


Please can you explain what the increase of the debug setting com.dynatrace.diagnostics.multipurepathsessionreader.lrusize actually does and whether there is any negative impact. For one environment we had increased the value from 4 [default] to 8, which solved an issue for a while. Then we received the error again: "A problem occurred while analyzing {name of business transaction} some data might be missing in this view". We then changed the setting com.dynatrace.diagnostics.multipurepathsessionreader.lrusize from 8 to 16. Now the anaylsis in Dynatrace is working again, yet we need to know if this setting can have a negative impact or anything else needs to be done.


Hi Jonathan,

It it generally recommended to open support cases with questions around debug flags and updating them so that your specific environment can be analyzed to determine the best solution.

Also have you looked into using the Business Transaction Hotspots dashlet to analyze your Business Transaction? This dashlet pulls from the Performance Warehouse instead of the sessions and is typically faster and more efficient for large analysis timeframes.

Hi Markie

Thanks for your response. This question was posted to support, yet we didn't receive an adequate response, so I hoped to find a good answer in the forum. The sharing of the resolutions would highly reduce the support cases. We often find others facing the same issue as us, yet the final resolution is missing and instead the comment "contact support" is found.

Kind regards