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Result measure in BT returns different value than in splitting


Hi All,

I have a business transaction that filters on a method invocation. I tested that part and it works fine.

In the calculate result part - i have a measure that returns a method value (type - "Method - return value") - the measure works great and does return the needed value (used with a transformation regex inside, returns a string value. something like - 5.0.14).

In the splitting value i have the "agent" splitting value:

Problem is - when the BT is triggered, the value in the result measure is "1" (for aggregation i'm using "last").

when it is in splitiing i get the value itself:

Why does that happen? can a "calculate result" show a string value?

Thank you,



Did you configured this measue to be considered as string? It looks like it is translate to integer. Sensor you have may work fine but it’s only sensor, measure has to be configured properly as well.


Hi @sebastian k.,

I was hoping you might answer 😉

If this is what you mean, i have defined that -

Weird part is when i put this measure in the split part - i get the captured string.

When its in the calculate results part - i get the "1.00".

I tried something different - since the string returned is 5.0.14, i tried capturing only the "5". when i did that AND changed the measure to number - i could see "5.00" in the calculate result part:

Problem is i need the entire string..

Thank you,


Calculate results are rather for counting things, for example order total etc. if you want have applications versions I rather suggest putting it in splitting like you’ve done. Why you are trying to calculate it?


Just because i need the string i'm capturing per agent. when i have both "agent" and my measure to capture the string, in the splitting part - i can display the result i get either agent:

Or per my measure:

But not both

I thing you will have to use multiple splitting, that there should be option for charting those values in web dashboards. There are more options for business charting than in fat client. Calculating results as states in it’s name is for making calculations.